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High Bickington Primary
High Bickington Primary



OfSTED Key Findings  - 2016

Inspection dates                                                                                                      8–9 November 2016

Overall effectiveness                                                                                               Requires improvement


Effectiveness of leadership and management                                                           Requires improvement

Quality of teaching, learning and assessment                                                           Requires improvement

 Personal development, behaviour and welfare                                                         Requires improvement

 Outcomes for pupils                                                                                                  Requires improvement

   Early years provision                                                                                                Requires improvement

Overall effectiveness at previous inspection                                                            Good

Summary of key findings for parents and pupils

This is a school that requires improvement

  • The changes resulting from the federation in 2014 have stretched the capacity of leaders to maintain a good standard of education for pupils.
  • Leaders have not provided teachers with sufficient challenge or precise enough guidance to ensure that they help all groups of pupils to make good progress.Leaders have not been thorough enough in making checks on the school’s effectiveness.
  • They have not reacted quickly enough to tackle weaker aspects of the school’s work.
  • Teachers do not always use assessment effectively to help pupils to improve, particularly in mathematics.Leaders have not acted swiftly enough to tackle the persistent absence of a few pupils.
  • Teaching is inconsistent across year groups and between subjects, including in the early years.
  • Teaching in the early years and in key stage 1 does not always help pupils to develop the skills of working independently.
  • Not all teachers provide the most able pupils with enough challenge. This hampers the progress of some pupils, including children in the early years.The governors’ challenge of leaders has not brought about swift improvement. 

The school has the following strengths

  • The governing body’s recent actions have strengthened leadership capacity.  Weaknesses are now being tackled effectively.
  • Particularly effective teaching in Years 4, 5 and 6 enables pupils to catch up quickly. 
  • Good teaching fosters a love of reading. Pupils make good progress and achieve highly in this subject.
  • The breadth of curriculum experiences and wide range of clubs develop pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development well.
  • Parents are delighted with the school. Those who responded to the online questionnaire were unanimous in saying that their children are happy and safe.


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