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Class 3 1914 Party

A Party from 1914

Because our topic is World War One, the children in Class Three had a party based on this theme. The party took place in the classroom. The events started around half past one. We took part in a lot of enjoyable activities such as battleships, conkers and blow football, as well as tasting some trench cake. We dressed in old clothes. Everyone had a great time!

To start the morning, Class Three baked a trench cake. We used a yellow mixing bowl made from plastic. I enjoyed it when we poured the milk in the bowl because it splashed everywhere!

After we had our delicious lunch, we played a game of battleships. To play the game, we used unusual sheets made from paper. I liked it because normally I would play battleships on a computer. “That was a new way of playing the game!” exclaimed Ava.

Before we played blow football, we played a tricky game of conkers. We used hard and strong conkers with string in the middle. I enjoyed this because it was fun when the conkers got tangled.

Shortly after we finished conkers, we played an annoying game of blow football. To play the game, we used colourful straws to blow the black and white balls across the table. I thought it was funny that the goals fell down.

Just before tasting the cake, we had our photo taken. In our photo we had to look stern because they would have done that in 1914. I liked it a bit because in one photo we looked stern and in another we looked happy.

Finally, we tasted a modern cake. Then we tried the trench cake with raisins in it. I didn’t like the trench cake because the spices had a peculiar flavour.

I wish we could have a party like that every afternoon!

by Holly.

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