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Brayford Academy
Brayford Academy


Dear Parents/Carers

The staff are pleased to be welcoming you all to the new school year.  We hope that you have had a happy and safe holiday.   

The Covid situation continues to change and as a result, so does the advice given to schools from the Government.   We are pleased that the children will be able to enjoy more freedom in their education.

Changes relevant for Brayford Academy are as follows:

  • There is no longer the need for the children to work in separate bubbles so they will be able to enjoy playtimes, lunch and lessons together again. 
  • The one way system for bringing children to school and picking up is no longer necessary.
  • School uniform to be worn everyday and PE kits brought to school each day in a PE bag.
  • Children will sit at group tables rather than in rows in the classroom.
  • Staff and visitors will no longer need to wear face coverings.

There are, however, some measures that we will continue with as they make good common sense in keeping everyone safe and healthy in the normal running of a school.  They are:

  • Regular handwashing and the use of anti-bacterial hand gel to ensure good hygiene for everyone.
  • Thorough cleaning regimes by our dedicated cleaner Fritha.
  • Occupied spaces will be well ventilated.  A balance to be found between ventilation and a comfortable environment for learning.
  • Continue to follow public health advice on testing, self isolation and managing confirmed cases of Covid-19.

The benefit of attending school continues to significantly outweigh the Covid-19 health risk to children.  Attendance is mandatory and we will be doing everything we can to ensure your child can continue to attend school.  Alongside the measures detailed above we have a TEAM Outbreak Management plan and risk assessment in place should any changes occur. 

We look forward to a happy, healthy and productive Autumn term.

Corrinne Smith

6th September 2021

Welcome to Brayford Academy

Welcome to Brayford Academy a village primary situated in the beautiful countryside of North Devon. As a small, school we are able to personalise the learning every child receives in a secure, happy and friendly environment. We are able to offer an enriched curriculum with specialist teaching in physical education, music and French. This is achieved through our collaboration with our partner schools of Umberleigh and Pilton Bluecoat Academies. Our enriched curriculum ensures that children develop a love of learning and an independence that encourages the nurturing of their ideas and imagination. Our aim is for every child to achieve their very best and enjoy their time at Brayford Academy.

Corrinne Smith

Head of School



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