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Sanjivani International School

Sanjivani International School

Each year, children in Year 5 and Year 6 are linked with a pen pal in Sanjivani International School in Mumbai, India. Over the course of the year, children have several opportunities to exchange emails, share learning, and take part in collaborative projects with their partners. We use Google Meet sessions regularly to keep in touch and to share our learning journey together.

Some of the projects children will have the opportunity to take part in are:

· “Getting to Know You” – creating and submitting responses to Google Forms in order to find out about their pen pal’s lifestyle and interests

· An in-depth study of Exmoor National Park and Sanjay Gandhi National Park, comparing and contrasting these two locations

· Land Use project, looking at how communities in both locations have changed and developed over time

· Responsible Consumption project, focusing on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal, and examining the role of the individual and the wider community in making positive changes

· Sharing and learning songs and dance from each other’s schools and cultures

· Learning some key phrases in Hindi

· Developing understanding of Thinking Hats as problem solving tools to help to tackle the world’s ‘wicked problems’