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W/B January 18th 2021

Well done for producing such high-quality Home Learning last week, everyone!


I'm looking forward to our Zoom Catch Up and Google Meet Live Lessons this week. Our Catch Up will take place on Zoom on Monday at 2:30pm. Our Live Lessons will take place on Google Meet. I'll email you all the details, and post the links for these on the Classroom Stream. The Live Lessons will take place 9-10am Tuesday - Friday.


This week's class video(s) can be found here:


This week, we'll be developing our understanding of our new topic, "Off with her head!" and finding out a bit about Anne Boleyn (Henry VIII's second wife). We'll also be learning how to write riddles. I look forward to trying to solve yours! Maths will be focusing on fractions and decimals, and in science we'll be finding out how ideas have changed over time. It's going to be a busy week!

All the resources you'll need to complete this week's activities are attached below, except the maths sheets, which are in their own folder.

Keep up the great work!

Mrs Nott