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week Beginning 23rd March


Have a go at writing up the discussion text we have been working on in class, with the title 'Should caging hens be banned?' If you want to complete it on google docs and share it with me, I would love to see it! You can use arguments from the document I've attached below.

Remember the structure:

Introduction - Eggs are one of the nation's favourite foods! But do we know anything about the conditions of the hens they come from? (introduce the two main arguments)

Argument 1 - Many people believe that caging hens is cruel...

Counter argument 1 - On the other hand, others believe that caging hens is necessary...

Argument 2 - Animal campaigners think all eggs should come from free range hens because...

Counter argument 2 - in contrast, supporters of caging hens believe that...

Conclusion - There are strong arguments on both sides (summarise the arguments then write your own opinion)

Olympics Reading Activity

There are three levels of reading papers and questions - select the level you feel comfortable with, read and answer the questions in your books.

Olympics Writing Activity

Research the history of the Olympics and write a short text about it. Also, select your favourite athlete and write a short biography about them. It can be an athlete from the past or the present.

Grammar 1 - read each slide one at a time. Have a go at the task if there is one. Write in the book you have been given. The next slide will help you find the answer or may give you the answer to a task set.

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