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week commencing 20th April

Mathletics News

In Mathletics news...6MT have AGAIN absolutely thrashed 6SE in points since 6th April. 6MT scored 19,910 points while 6SE scored 2570! Come on 6SE - let's try to up our game ready for next week's total!
Individual awards go to Oliver Pearson for scoring the most points in Y6, a fantastic 6990 points since 6th April, and Lucas McCartney for spending the most time on Mathletics, a whopping 6h 24mins. Well done to you both!

Task for Tuesday

I've attached the 2018 maths arithmetic paper for you to do today. The paper is to be done in 30 minutes; however, if you don't finish, perhaps note where you got up to in this time and then complete the rest of the paper.
You don't necessarily have to print the paper - it might be easier to record your answers with any calculations in your exercise book.
I will post the answers the next day, but it would be useful for you to tell us how you think you got on.
Good luck!

Miss Edwards

Tasks for Wednesday

Arithmetic results - I have attached the results for yesterday's arithmetic test so you can check your answers. 

Maths Paper 2 Reasoning Test - Here is the first of the reasoning papers for you to do. Give yourself 40 minutes to do it. If you don't finish it in this time (including checking), note down where you got up to and finish it off. I have included an audio of me reading out each question (remember sometimes hearing it helps it to sink in); you will need to download the PowerPoint to be able to access this. I will post the answers tomorrow. In the meantime, let us know how you found it. Good luck!

Miss Edwards

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