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week commencing 27th april

Maths Activities


We're starting a new unit on statistics. Monday's session is looking at charts in the form of bar charts, pictograms and circular charts. Download this to view the PowerPoint and to see the notes I've included to support your thinking.

As usual, I've included the answers so you can mark your own work. Remember to mark your work as 'done' in the classwork section.

If you can, attach or email us your work (a photo or the document itself) so we can give you feedback and award merits. Or you might want to let us know how you found it in the classwork stream.

If you get a chance, also look at the gallery of your curves of pursuit: they're GREAT!


Tuesday 28th April 2020

Today's session is about line graphs. I've included audios today of me reading the questions and with some pointers, just in case that helps; remember to download it to be able to access that though. It's quite a long PowerPoint today, but we will have a catch up / Mathletics day on Thursday so if you don't quite get a chance to finish it, you might find some time then.

You don't have to print out the sheet or the 'Your turn' pages; you can just have the Word document open on your screen and use your finger to track positions etc.

As normal, we love seeing your work or getting feedback on it so do email it to us or attach it to the classwork stream!

Miss Edwards

Wednesday 29th April

We're looking at line graphs again today. I've included notes below the slides as usual and audios as well if you need help (you'll need to download the PowerPoint to access them). All of the maths PowerPoints are designed so you can do them without printing anything - if you're unsure how to make that work for you, I may have written notes for suggestions below the slides. Remember to mark the work as 'done' in the classwork file, and attach a photo or document of your work so we can give you feedback and award merits! If you're struggling with any aspects, then perhaps contact us on 'Google Chat' and we can give you individual guidance.

Miss Edwards

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